in some way
in some time
forever in my heart
i find
i think
i know
wherever you may be
wherever you may end
you have me
all of me
and i am lost
the deep strong current of your love upon my heart.

my heart tho small and human
has stretched and ripped and torn
and only you


have held me tight within your life.
i love you.



You know, I want the answers to my questions that float around my head every day (and that are currently bouncing around my head like a kangaroo on crack).  I want the maybe billion people on earth who go hungry every day to be fed.  I want to sleep deeply without memory.  I want to live close to the earth like a nomad or an Indian of the past in the Wild West.  I want justice for all.  Or at least peace. Hmm...what to do...
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