Key Phrases from 20/20

- The police dropped the ball.

- 100 smacks/stripes/hits.

- If you're not bruising them at some point, you're not spanking right...

- We're not associated with them.

1. Yeah well, y'all kept quiet for years.  The police had no balls to hold.

2.  No one has the right to hit a child 100 times.  No one should be hitting kids at all.  

3.  Bruising, visibly dead tissue, composed of burst blood vessels and traumatized tissue, has no spiritual benefits (superstition, anyone?).  

4.  Y'all call yourselves INDEPENDENT, FUNDAMENTALIST (Baptists, Believers, Christians).  So yes, you are associated.  Vehemently denying that you do not forcibly require women to submit to men, and that you are against abusive 'discipline' (spanking) does not change the fact that you believe 'God' has commanded women to submit and children to be 'beaten.'  Those things are in the Bible, after all.  

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