A Most Atypical Resurrection Sunday Post

"Ma'am, we're EMTs.  We're here to help.  Please unlock the door."
"My name is ... and I'm an EMT.  Please open the door."
Lady with large steak knife appears in the door.
"PUT THAT DOWN!!" -us shutting door-
"Ok I put it down..." 
-us cracking door open-

We kicked the knife out onto the floor outside.

This lady needed attention today.  She planned to slice her wrists.  She called 911 and asked how deep one has to cut.  She wanted to die.

That scene should not have happened that way.  Police should arrive first and secure the scene before EMS enter the scene.  We received the all clear and proceeded.  Another officer arrived shortly afterwards to assist us.  So the way it went is a whole issue in itself.  But that is not why I am writing this post.

I have spent way too much of my life convincing people to live.  I do not regret spending my life convincing people to live.  I hate that people need convincing.  I hate that I have to convince myself sometimes.  Her 'minister' hung up on her.  Really?  Of all people...

Life is miserable sometimes.  U.S. citizens have it easy...and we are still miserable sometimes.  Our problems, our issues, and our hurts are only human.  I hate seeing people in pain.  DON'T YOU DARE THROW YOUR LIFE AWAY IN FRONT OF ME.  Please.  I care.  I care and I want to see you live your life.  I want to know you love and feel loved.  I want this world to be a better place for you and me.        Nothing is too broken that we cannot put our heads together and fix.  At least try with me.

Smiling is healthy.  We feel better when we smile.  Others feel better as well.  A smile from a special person can carry me through the day.  Smile.  Smile for me.

Notice the details.  Notice how the sun changes shades of color throughout the day.  Notice how the grass carries warmth or holds the cold.  Notice the ancient redolence of water and the intricate patterns it ripples out or its gift of absolute liquid stillness.  Notice the texture of a handshake.  Notice the smell of industry.  Notice the comfort of the fuzz on your favorite blanket.  Notice the consistence of the darkness of the night.  Enjoy. 

Think on a grey rock.  Think of a grey rock.  Close your eyes in the sunlight and follow those damn floaters with your mind.  Name those things for which you are grateful.  If you cannot think of any, find someone happy and ask them why they are happy.  I am not trying to be pious.  This is how I get through my day sometimes.  

I cannot say I believe that 'good will triumph over evil.'  I cannot say I trust in 'God's master plan' in which everything works out niftily and all tears get wiped away.  If there is a good god of love, then he will find a way to me or find me a way to him. I can say with certainty though, that all of us survivors, all of us together can make a difference.  Whatever it is that makes your life miserable, it can be changed.  Hope with me. Let us change the world.  We owe it to ourselves, to our children, and to our friends and loved ones.  Greedy religions, diseases, rabid pastors, sex abuse, drug trafficking, corrupt politics, global warming, tsunamis, flooding, and tornadoes -- I talked steak knife lady down yesterday.  I did my part.  I will worry about these other issues when I get off work ... :* 
Easter is cancelled...my bad!


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